Re-Grade a Quiz

The Quiz re-grade feature is available for instructors to change quiz questions after students have already completed the quiz.

Quiz Re-Grade Feature Does Not Work for All Question Types

With the re-grade feature, instructors will be able to alter multiple choice or true/false question answers after students have completed the quiz. Any other question type is not re-gradable.

When a student completes a quiz, the student sees a table that displays each quiz attempt and its duration. This table shows the student’s attempt as shown in the Gradebook (KEPT), the latest quiz attempt (LATEST), and any additional attempts. The score will only show if the instructor has configured the quiz settings to allow it. The blue hyperlinks (i.e. Attempt 1, Attempt 2) will bring the student to view each attempt if the instructor has allowed students to view the quiz after completing it.


Change a Quiz Answer

  1. Open the quiz and click the Edit button.
  2. Click the Questions tab to view all questions.
  3. Click the pencil icon next to the question that needs to be altered.
  4. Any answer changes made to a multiple choice or true/false question will prompt the following re-grade options:
    Regrade options

    • Award points for both corrected and previously correct answers (no scores will be reduced)
    • Only award points for the corrected answer (some students’ scores may be reduced)
    • Give everyone full credit for this question (every student will receive full points)
    • Update question without re-grading (no grades will change)
  5. Select a re-grade option. This step is required.
  6. Click the Update Question button.
  7. Click the Save button to save all changes to the quiz.
  8. Because the quiz has already been published, you may be prompted to release unpublished changes. Click the Save it now button to release the changes to students.

Re-Grade Notifications

Students will only receive a notification about the re-grade if their recorded quiz grade has changed.

After the quiz has been re-graded, students will be able to see an additional column in the attempts table called Re-Graded, shaded in orange. The column will show the re-graded scores of each quiz attempt. An orange bar will also appear at the top of the page reading “This quiz has been re-graded, your score was affected.”

Regraded quiz

If students have the option to view their quiz responses, they will see exactly which questions have been edited, also denoted by an orange bar and the re-graded score in orange text.

Regraded question

Adding a Question or Increasing the Total Number of Points for a Quiz

Instructors can add questions without being prompted by the re-grade feature. Once a question is added and the quiz is saved, students who have already taken the exam will not have their quiz automatically re-graded. The same will occur if the total points for each question have been increased.

However, please note that when changes are made to a quiz, a lightning bolt lightning bolt icon will temporarily replace their grade in the cell in the Gradebook. In SpeedGrader, there is a note at the top of the quiz attempt: “The quiz has changed significantly since this submission was made. This submission may need re-grading.” This means that the quiz needs to be reviewed for possible re-grading.

To correct students’ grades for these questions, Fudge Points must be added.

Add Fudge Points to a Quiz in SpeedGrader

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the quiz attempt in SpeedGrader.
  2. Set the number of Fudge Points to be added to the student’s quiz score.
  3. Click the Update Scores button.
  4. The lightning bolt icon in the Gradebook will be replaced with the student’s quiz score.

Re-Grade Feature and Question Banks

The Quiz Re-Grade feature does not affect question groups that have been directly linked to question banks. If a quiz is linked to a question bank and the questions/answers in the question bank are altered, a re-grade option is not available. Any changes to students’ grades must be made through SpeedGrader and will not be done automatically.

If a quiz is linked to a question bank and the instructor later changes from one question bank to another, a re-grade option is not available. Like the above scenario, any changes to students’ grades must be made through SpeedGrader.