Webcourses@UCF Observing Advisor

Beginning with the Fall 2018 semester, the Center for Distributed Learning (CDL) assists academic advisors from Academic Services for Student-Athletes (ASSA) with adopting a built-in Webcourses@UCF (Canvas) tool for monitoring the academic progress and success of UCF’s student-athletes –less than 500 students in total.

The purpose of this tool is to assist ASSA academic advisors in helping the students assigned to them make the best decisions that will keep them on the path to success at UCF. The advisors from ASSA look at their students’ full coursework load when assisting students to reach their full academic potential.

Advisor-directed interventions might include having the student contact the instructor to request guidance, extra study or support materials; or referring the student to appropriate academic and personal support services that are available campus-wide (e.g., University Writing Center, SARC, Health Services, etc.).

To ensure that students are meeting coursework goals –as described in each of their Webcourses@UCF-posted syllabi – in a prompt and successful manner, this tool will allow for timely intervention by notifying advisors if a student falls below a set threshold by looking at several components including course grade and missing coursework.

This advising tool is expected to have little to no direct impact on UCF faculty or their teaching. This is just one method to help ensure that UCF’s students succeed in their academic endeavors at UCF.

More about the advisors’ use of the “Observer” role can be found on our Webcourses@UCF Observing Advisor FAQ