Webcourses@UCF Observing Advisor FAQ for Faculty

Beginning with the Fall 2018 semester, the Center for Distributed Learning (CDL) assists advisors from Academic Services for Student-Athletes (ASSA) with adopting a built-in Webcourses@UCF (Canvas) tool for monitoring the academic progress and success of UCF’s student-athletes – less than 500 students in total.

This advising tool is expected to have little to no direct impact on UCF faculty or their teaching.

Why has this Advisor/Observer been added to my course?

  • Currently this tool is only being used by academic advisors from Academic Services for Student-Athletes (ASSA). The student being observed has been identified as a student-athlete.
  • This gives ASSA advisors the ability to holistically support the satisfactory academic progress of student-athletes given the additional demands placed on them by the university in their role as student-athletes.

Can an Advisor/Observer see the grades of all my students?
No. Advisors will not be able to see the grades or submissions for students they are not advising.

Has the Advisor/Observer taken the UCF FERPA Training Course?
Yes. All advisors from ASSA are required to take the FERPA course.

Can the Advisor/Observer send a Conversations Message to ALL the students in my class?
No. The advisor can only send conversation messages to the student-athlete(s) they are advising and to the instructor(s) of those course sections.

What type of access does the Advisor/Observer have in my course?
Advisors can see information within a course section in a read-only format, including your Webcourses@UCF – posted syllabi.

  • Note: Advisors will be able to send conversation messages only to the student-athlete(s) they are advising and the instructor(s) of those course sections.
  • Exception: If an instructor sets the editing option on a Page to “anyone” the an advisor could edit the page just as a Teacher, TA, Designer, or Student in the course section could.

How do I know if the person is an Advisor/Observer?

On the “People” page you will see an entry that gives you the advisor’s name and who the advisor is advising/observing. It will look similar to this:

Will the Advisor/Observer appear in the Gradebook?
No. The Advisor/Observer only appears on the People page.

Can an Advisor/Observer submit assignments for the person(s) they are advising?
No. Advisors can not submit assignments on behalf of the student-athletes being advised.

Can an Advisor/Observer see the assignments of other students in my course?
No. Advisors will be able to see only their advisees’ grades, assignments (including directions, submissions, and the start, due, and until dates), and course interactions (including all course discussion posts).

Exception: In the discussion area all discussion posts/replies will be viewable as they are considered course interactions.