Webcourses@UCF New Gradebook

Webcourses@UCF is currently testing a new Gradebook application. Eventually this Gradebook will be turned on for everyone, but for now if you would like to test it out in your online course, there is some information faculty need to know.

New UCF Policy for Recording Grades in Webcourses@UCF Coming

A good reason to make the change to the new Gradebook now is to prepare for a new UCF policy which will take effect beginning with the Fall 2019 semester, which requires all faculty members to record grades in Webcourses throughout each semester. This policy was put in place to ensure that students have prompt feedback and knowledge of their course progress.

Activating the New Webcourses@UCF Gradebook

Please follow instructions in the Semester Startup Checklist to activate the new Webcourses@UCF gradebook in your course.

Resources for Using the Legacy Webcourses@UCF Gradebook

Please visit the Webcourses@UCF Gradebook page if you need assistance using the legacy Webcourses@UCF gradebook.

When will the New Gradebook be turned on for everyone?
UCF plans to roll over to the new Gradebook for all courses before Summer  2019. We anticipate that Canvas will stop supporting the old gradebook end of quarter, July 2019, so we want everyone to be moved over before that point so you do not have to face your gradebook changing mid-term.

What new features are being added to the Gradebook?

What features are in the current Gradebook that are not in the New Gradebook?
All functionality in the old Gradebook is included in the New Gradebook with the following exceptions:

  • Assignment Details—this feature is being addressed as part of Canvas Studio Priority: Analytics 2
  • Hide Student Names—this feature is being addressed as part of Canvas Studio Priority: Anonymous & Moderated Marking (hiding student names is still available in SpeedGrader, which is a separate feature and not affected by this project)
  • Treat Ungraded as 0—this feature will be modified in a future release of the New Gradebook that will include more viewing options for total grades

Can I switch back and forth between the New Gradebook and the Old Gradebook?
You cannot switch back to the old Gradebook if you enable late policies or manually adjust the labels in the Grade Detail Tray. Once you have done one of these two things, the feature option in the course will not allow you to return to the old Gradebook. Late policies do not transfer to the old Gradebook. In affected courses, the course-level feature option may take up to 1 hour to display the status change.

How do I find out about Late Policies?
Check out the Late Policies: Instructor FAQ. Late Policies was introduced to the production environment on January 6, 2018.

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