Manage a Turnitin Assignment

After students have submitted to the Turnitin assignment in your course, you can then view the Assignment Inbox to review their submissions.
Instructors can still view submissions in SpeedGrader. To do so, click on the SpeedGrader button.
If a student’s submission does not appear in SpeedGrader, check the Assignment Inbox to see if the submission is appearing there. If a student turns in their submission directly through the Turnitin website instead of through the assignment LTI, this can cause the submission to appear in the Assignment Inbox but not in SpeedGrader.

To view the submission in the Assignment Inbox:

    1. In the Course Navigation, click the Assignments tab.
    2. Click on the name of the assignment.
    3. The page will default on the Assignment Inbox.
      assignment box

In the Assignment Inbox, you can view all submissions that have been submitted by students. You can view the submission title and author, the date the submission was uploaded, and the Originality Score.

In the Search field, you can search for an assignment submission, In the Download All drop-down, you can download a Grade Report Excel spreadsheet, original files, standard PDFs, and Grademark PDFs for all submissions. In the Download Selected drop-down, you can download original files, standard PDFs, or GradeMark PDFs for selected students by using the checkbox in each row.

For each assignment submission, you can grade the assignment in Turnitin, view the Originality Report, download the assignment submission, and delete the submission.

Important Notes

  • Student View does not support Turnitin assignments so the Test Student cannot be used to check a Turnitin enabled assignment.
  • What happens when I copy a course in Canvas?
    • The assignment, settings, instructions, and dates persist in Canvas when an instructor copies a course for a new term.The LTI assignment must be visited (if you load TII inside of Canvas or the LTI tool must be launched (if you load in a new tab) to reestablish the assignment and settings on the Turnitin side. Now, a student can access the assignment from Canvas to initialize the assignment in Turnitin; However, the instructor must set an available from date and a due date in Canvas to allow students to initialize an assignment.
  • Error Messages: Turnitin may occasionally generate an error message about the status of a submission. If a submission includes an error, you can view the message by hovering over the Turnitin icon. If the file failed to resubmit to Turnitin, you can download the student submission and reupload it to Turnitin. If you have questions please contact your Canvas administrator.
  • Deleting the submission allows the student to resubmit the assignment, even if resubmissions are not allowed.
  • If you allow assignment resubmissions as part of the Turnitin Settings Originality Report drop-down menu, you will see a blue upload icon. If you see a black upload icon, assignment resubmissions are either turned off in Turnitin Settings or the due date has passed, as resubmissions are only allowed until the due date. However, if an assignment is resubmitted, all marks and comments associated with the original submission will be deleted. Turnitin resubmissions may take up to 24 hours to process.

Instructors can still view submissions in SpeedGrader. To do so, click on the SpeedGrader button.