Webcourses@UCF Known Issues

The purpose of this page is to:

  • list known issues regarding Webcourses@UCF
  • report the status, solution, or workaround for each item
  • provide a venue to report an issue that you encounter while using Webcourses@UCF

The tables below show key items regarding course maintenance in Webcourses@UCF, and known issues that Canvas is working to resolve. If you need help implementing the listed workarounds or have any questions, please contact Webcourses@UCF Support.

Downtime Calendar

Rarely, Webcourses@UCF requires a scheduled downtime for major updates or patches. For the full downtime calendar, please visit the System Status page.

Things to Know

Uploading Final GradesThe alphabetical systems in Canvas and myUCF roster are different. Canvas is not case sensitive and orders names solely based on the spelling. The UCF roster, on the other hand, is case-sensitive and orders names with capital letters in the middle at the beginning of the list (ie. McDonald). Because of this, be careful when transferring grades from Canvas so that students don’t end up with incorrect grades.
Quizzes, Re-gradeQuiz re-grading is not available for Quizzes which link to a question bank. Please see the Create Quiz From Questions Banks page for further information.
Quizzes, Extra CreditThere are several ways to add extra credit in Webcourses@UCF.
Students View Crocodoc/Speedgrader on-page commentsFor students to see the on-page comments, grade marks and highlighting features in Canvas on submitted student papers, they need to go to the “Assignments” page, click on the “Submission Details” on the right side of the page, and then click on View Feedback.
Inbox, ConversationWhen typing in the Message field, if you hold down the Shift key and click the Enter key it will automatically send your message. Also, Archiving messages once you have replied to them simplifies inbox message management enormously.
SpeedGraderYou can change the order in which the assignments appear in SpeedGrader. For example, if you select by submission status, this will list all of the assignments that need grading first. When you are in SpeedGrader, click on Settings in the top left (gear icon), select the desired option from the drop-down menu, and click on Save Settings.
Group DiscussionsOne post to the group discussion page appears as completed for all members of the group.
Graded Surveys Indicate Correct AnswerGraded surveys list the first answer option as a correct answer. Instructors may hide this from their students.

Known Issues

Issues we are working with Canvas to resolve:

Issue DescriptionStatus, Solution or Workaround
Date Updated
Past Semester To-Dos and Grading Notifications ShowingTo-do items and grading notifications from past semesters are appearing for some users. This can occur if students re-submitted to assignments after it had already been graded by the instructor, which requires instructor to regrade the assignment for that student. These notifications can be prevented from appearing by “Hard Concluding” the course.
Extra Time or Extra Attempts Not Appearing on Moderate PageThere is currently a display issue which causes only the last quiz moderation to appear. This is only a display issue and the feature is still working as intended. Canvas is working to resolve the issue.
Incorrect Timestamp & Unread Notice in ConversationsFor group messages, some students will get an “unread message” notification and an updated timestamp even though they do not have a new message. This occurs because some users in the conversation sent a message but did not send it to the whole message group. This notice can be ignored. Canvas is working on correcting the underlying issue.
Resolved 6/23/14
Last annotation doesn’t save in SpeedGrader while using Firefox.This issue has been reported to Canvas and they are working on a resolution. The last annotation made is not saved in some cases while using Firefox. The current workaround is to use an alternate web browser or add a final stand-alone comment such as Done or Completed before entering a grade.
Peer review settings do not copy over.This issue has been reported to Canvas and they are working on a resolution. If an assignment is copied from one course to anther with “How to Assign Peer Reviews” set to “Automatically Assign Peer Reviews” the setting will not work. The instructor will still need to click on “Peer Reviews” on the Assignments page and then click on “Assign Peer Reviews” on the Peer Review page.
Peer review discussions do not show up for students.This issue has been reported to Canvas and they are working on a resolution. The current workaround is to have students turn on notifications as they will receive notifications of Peer Reviews to be done if notifications are turned on. Alternatively, instructors may provide the peer review URL manually. This only applies to peer review discussions: there are no known issues with Peer Review of regular assignments.
Resolved  9/8/14
External URLs in Modules must be opened in a new window.This is a browser issue. The current workaround is to create a Page and add the external link, rather than linking to the external URL directly from Modules.
Resolved  2/22/17
If you had a student last term and again this term, the student will have last term’s class under their name.Canvas displays the course in which you first started a conversation with a student. Workaround: Click the Write a new message icon and filter down to the student in the To: field via the current course and this will update the display.
A small number of users report receiving notifications despite having that setting disabled.Canvas has confirmed this issue and is working to resolve it.
Some attachments to discussions can’t be downloaded from the SpeedGrader.Download the attachment by going directly to the student’s discussion posting containing the attachment.
Group assignment annotations only display to submitter.Crocodoc annotations left on a group assignment can’t be viewed by all members of the group. Only the person who submitted the assignment will see the annotations at this time. Canvas is working on a fix for this bug.

Feature Requests

Feature Parity I (Top 10 Priority)

An important feature that was in Blackboard but currently not available in Canvas.


New Features I (Top 10 Priority)

A Canvas-specific feature that would be a significant improvement.

  • Make upcoming assignments obvious on Assignments menu.
  • Use Turnitin on discussion posts.
  • Disable discussion type change once there are posts.
  • Instructor moderation of student conversations.
  • Office 365 integration.
  • Ability to attach metatags or categories to quiz questions.
  • Navigate from one assignment to another.