Request Guest Access for an Online Course

The purpose of Guest Access is to grant a non-UCF individual access to Webcourses@UCF. For example, you might have a guest speaker moderate a discussion topic in your online course.


  • Guest Access should NOT be requested for or provided to UCF students enrolled in your course. The reason for this restriction is to ensure that students are added to an online course using UCF conventions.
  • To preserve UCF’s NID conventions, the assigned username/login will follow UCF protocols.

Restrictions for Academic Sections

  • Guest Access cannot be requested in the role of a Teacher, Designer, or TA for an academic course. If you are seeking access for the role of Teacher, Designer or TA for your academic section, please contact your department (scheduler).
  • Guest Access for academic courses is limited to the Observer and Student roles.

Non-Academic Sections

  • Guest Access for special programs courses is not restricted.

Request Guest Access

Network Security

Due to increased security concerns, you must provide all required information about your guest. All fields must be completed for guest access to be granted. Guest access may be expunged from the system due to inactivity or failure to follow UCF’s Golden Rule policies.

Effective Fall 2019, the Information Security Office (ISO) implemented a new secure process for requesting a time-limited UCF Sponsored Guest Accounts. To request Guest Access to a Webcourses@UCF section, you must visit the UCFIT Sponsored Account Requests page. Please read the information provided on the ISO page before clicking on the Online Dashboard link.

When the Sponsored Account process is completed, the sponsor must contact Webcourses@UCF Support and provide the following information:

Sponsor Information

  1. Sponsor’s name.
  2. Sponsor’s department.
  3. Sponsor’s email address.
  4. Sponsor’s phone number.
  5. Sponsor’s UCF ID.

Guest User Information

  1. Guest’s Name.
  2. Guest’s UCF ID.
  3. Termination date for Webcourses@UCF access.
  4. Reason for guest’s access.
  5. Course(s) that require access.
  6. Type of access.
  7. Is there a charge for participating/taking the course(s) listed?

After Webcourses@UCF Support receives this information, the user will be given temporary access to Webcourses@UCF.