Grades vs. Gradebook

Students and Grades

Students have access to their scores in their Grades area, which can serve as a communication tool between students and instructors. Students also have the ability to enter a What If grade to calculate their own performance, and can also see which grades are hidden while the instructor is completing assessment.

Instructors and the Gradebook

The instructor view of the Gradebook stores all information about student progress in the course, measuring both letter grades and course outcomes. Instructors can use the Gradebook to set grading on a curve for individual assignments.

There are several different ways to manage grading in your online course, from dropping a grade in an assignment group, to creating a grading scheme, to adding extra credit. Instructors can choose not to count an assignment as part of the final grade by using a non-graded assignment. The table below shows the differences between making something worth zero points, leaving an assignment as ungraded, and the new non-graded assignment.