Webcourses@UCF Legacy Gradebook

New UCF Policy for Recording Grades in Webcourses@UCF

Beginning with the Fall 2019 semester, a new UCF policy will take effect which requires all faculty members to record grades in Webcourses throughout each semester. This policy was put in place to ensure that students have prompt feedback and knowledge of their course progress.

Resources for Using the New Webcourses@UCF Gradebook

UCF plans to roll over to the new Gradebook for all courses before Summer  2019. We anticipate that Canvas will stop supporting the old gradebook end of quarter, July 2019, so we want everyone to be moved over before that point so you do not have to face your gradebook changing mid-term. If you wish to start using the new Webcourses@UCF Gradebook, please review the Semester Startup Guide for directions on how to activate it. Please visit the Webcourses@UCF New Gradebook page if you need assistance using the new Webcourses@UCF gradebook.

Gradebook Basics

The Gradebook contains many robust features and capabilities. Please see the following resources for further information on how to use the Gradebook to its full potential.

Additional Gradebook Tutorials

Browse the CDL Gradebook Resources playlist below to learn more about the Canvas Gradebook. This playlist consists of the following tutorials:

SpeedGrader Basics

SpeedGrader allows you to view and grade student assignment submissions on one page. SpeedGrader speeds up the grading process by showing the submission and your grading options on the same page. You can navigate from student to student with the click of a button.

SpeedGrader also allows you to:

  • Sort submissions by student and hide student names for anonymous grading.
  • View submission details for each student, including resubmitted assignments.
  • Use rubrics to assign grades .
  • Leave feedback for your students.