Import Final Grades from Webcourses@UCF

If you are the instructor of record of a course, you can upload final grades directly from Webcourses@UCF to the myUCF grade roster. This process also works for combined course sections.

Enable a Course Grading Scheme

Please note that you must have a grading scheme enabled to use this feature. If you do not have a grading scheme enabled, you will not be able to import your final grades.

Your Webcourses@UCF gradebook(s) will contain a current grade column and a final grade column. During the importing process you will be asked to select one of the two options. The current grade column reflects all graded assignments. If you have grades that are left blank (that show the “-” mark instead of a 0), the current grade column should not be used. The final grade column includes all columns to calculate students’ grades (and will insert a 0 for all ungraded assignments).

  1. Log in to myUCF.
  2. Select Faculty/Advisor Self-Service.
  3. Select Instructors.
  4. Select View My Teaching Schedule.
  5. Click on the icon for My Grade Roster.
  6. Click on Import Grades from Webcourses@UCF.
  7. Use the dropdown menu to select a course.
  8. Choose Current Webcourses@UCF Grade or Final Webcourses@UCF Grade.
    • Current Webcourses@UCF Grade – Use this option if you do not count ungraded assignments as zeroes in your course.
    • Final Webcourses@UCF Grade – Use this option if you count ungraded assignments as zeroes in your course.
  9. Click Process.
  10. Click Status until the grades appear in the Status box (make sure that all of the grades appear, you may have to click Status several times).
  11. Click Go To Approve.
  12. Use the Roster Grade dropdown menu to adjust individual student grades. When you assign an F-grade to a student, you will be prompted to input an attendance option:
    • Began and Cannot Determine – The student started the course but has inconclusive attendance/test records
    • Began and Stopped by 60% – The student ceased participating in the class before the moment when 60% of the class was completed. Scroll up to the top of this column to see what the 60% date is for this particular term
    • Began and Stopped After 60% OR finished course – The student made it at least 60% of the way through, or they participated in the entire class but still earned an F
    • Never Began/No Record – You have no idea who this student is.
  13. Click Save to save the attendance codes
  14. Switch the roster Approval Status to Approved.
  15. Click Save once again and wait for a status message to tell you your roster has been approved.

Hidden Assignment Grades

Please note that if you have columns with hidden grades in the gradebook, the Webcourses Grade Import tool will read these grades as zeroes, which will cause the students’ final grades to be inaccurate.

Combined Courses

Combined course sections in Webcourses@UCF are completely compatible with grade importing. You may upload them as you would any other section.

Final Grades Support

  • Contact the Registrar’s Office (; (407) 823-5510) for online grading assistance, such as missing rosters or missing students, and questions about policy.
  • Contact the Faculty Center (; (407) 823-3544) for questions about how to use the tools for online final grade submission.