Types of File Storage

There are three file areas in Webcourses@UCF:

  • User Files
  • Course Files
  • Group Files
  • User Files

    User files are located in the user account. User files include profile pictures, uploaded assignment submissions, and other files uploaded to your personal file storage area. By default, each user has 50 MB of storage space. No other users can view files in your user files. You can view your user quota and what percentage of that quota has been used by checking the progress bar at the bottom of your left navigation pane in your user files area. Files that have been submitted as assignments and graded discussions do not apply to the user quota.

    The My Files folder creates folders based on default events in Canvas. Once you upload a file related to one of these areas, the folder and accompanying file will be created for you:

    • The Conversation attachments folder stores files that you attach to Conversations messages.
    • The Profile pictures folder stores photos that you upload as a profile picture.
    • The Submissions folder contains copies of your assignment submissions; assignment are organized by course folder and displayed alphabetically.
    • The Unfiled folder stores files that you attach to discussion topics or discussion replies (if attachments are allowed by the instructor).

    My Files also includes any additional folders you create to organize your files, as well as any files not uploaded to a specific folder.

    User Quota

    Any files in the My Files folder that are not related to assignment submissions count toward your user quota.

    Course Files

    Course files include any content uploaded to a course. If your instructor allows you to view the Files link in Course Navigation, students can view the files in the course. By default, each course has 1,500 MB of storage space.

    Video Storage

    Video recorded in Webcourses@UCF through the Rich Content Editor (i.e. Assignment feedback or Conversation Messages) does not apply to the course quota.

    Group Files

    As a student, you may be added to a group within your course. Group files include any content uploaded to your group workspace.

    Group files include uploaded assignment submissions and other group-related files uploaded to your group storage area. By default, each group has 100 MB of storage space in Canvas. All published files can be viewed by all group members.

    As groups are essentially mini courses, all group members have the same permissions to moderate files, including uploading files, publishing files, restricting access to and unpublishing files, and deleting files.

    Managing Files

    Files are organized in alphabetical order. While you can move files into folders, you cannot rearrange the alphabetized structure of the files and folders.

    Files as Assignment Submissions

    Files that have been submitted as part of an assignment cannot be moved.

    Users can edit permissions for files—including setting the state of the file (published or unpublished)—make files available to students who have the link, or schedule availability dates for the files.

    When the link restriction is set (only available to students with the link), the file can only be viewed if they are given the link to the file. However, this option only allows files to be hidden from students in Course Files.

    File Restrictions

    This functionality is not valid outside of the Files feature. For instance, if a file with a link restriction is added to a Module or Assignment, the file can always be viewed by students.

    When the student availability date restriction is set, students can view the name and information for the file. In addition to Course Files, files with an availability date restriction can be viewed anywhere in Webcourses@UCF (such as when the file is added to Modules or Assignments), but the file will be locked and they cannot view the actual file until the specified date.

    File Usage Rights

    You can also restrict a file or folder as part of setting usage rights for files or setting usage rights for folders.

    By default course files are visible and accessible to all users. Teachers and TAs can restrict files and folders, which means the content will only be accessible to teachers and TAs in the course as long as the file is not placed to a content area outside of Files (e.g. Modules, Assignments).

    To edit a permission, click a file’s published or unpublished icon.

    Want to Learn More?

    View a video about how students interact with Files.