Webcourses@UCF Due Date Changer

The Webcourses@UCF Due Date Changer allows the course instructor to quickly change all due dates in a course from a single page. When you access the tool you will see all items with a due date listed on the page. Follow these instructions to use the Due Date Changer.

  1. Access a course in Webcourses@UCF.
  2. Click on Due Date Changer in the course navigation menu. All items with a due date in the course will be displayed.
  3. Make desired changes to the Due At and/or Available Until field(s) to change the item due date and/or lock date.
    Due Date Changer
  4. Click Submit at the bottom of the page.

Need Technical Assistance with an Integration?

Webcourses@UCF Support is here to help. Contact our talented support team if you have any issues implementing and/or using any of our custom Webcourses@UCF integrations.

Want to Use Due Date Changer at Another Institution?

Admins/developers will find all they need to download and install Due Date Changer from GitHub under the terms of an open license. Additional background information appears on the IMS Global website: “The Effectiveness of the LTI Integrated Due Date Changer.”