Create a Turnitin Rubric

Instructors can also create a rubric in Turnitin for the students to view in the Assignments Summary tab.

  1. Click on the Settings tab.
    settings button
  2. Click on the Optional Settings link.
  3. Towards the bottom, click the Launch Rubric Manager to create a new rubric.
    launch rubric
  4. A pop-up window will appear for you to create your rubric.
    rubric pop-up
  5. Click on the header to change the title of the rubric.
  6. Next to the Criteria header, click the + button to add a new criteria section.
  7. Click at the top of the cell to change the title of the criteria.
  8. Click in the middle of the cell to change the description of the criteria.
    criteria description
  9. To delete a criteria, hover over the criteria cell and a trash icon will appear in the bottom left-hand corner.
    delete icon

    • The Turnitin rubric is the same as the Webcourses rubric and will not allow you to re-arrange the order of the criteria.
  10. To add a new Scale, click the + button to the far right.
  11. For the scales to rate your criteria, there are three ways that you can enter the information. You can click in the cells of each scale to edit the information.
    rubric scoring

    • The % icon represents a standard rubric. Enter scale values for each column and weight your criteria rows using percentages.
    • The pencil icon represents a custom rubric. Enter any value directly into each rubric cell.
      pencil icon
    • The 0 icon represents a qualitative rubric. A rubric that provides standard feedback but has no numeric scoring.
      0 option
  12. To delete a scale, hover over the scale header at the top and a trach icon will appear in the middle of the cell.
    scale delete
  13. In the upper right-hand corner of the rubric pop-up window, there is a blue arrow icon. Hover over this option and click View import/export options to import or export your Turnitin rubrics.
    • Selecting the Export… option will export the rubric you have selected into a .rbc file.
    • Selecting the Import… option will allow you to import a rubric if you have created one on an Excel spreadsheet or from a previously exported Turnitin rubric.
      import rubrics
  14. In the upper left-hand corner of the rubric pop-up window, there is a blue icon that appears to be a white list. Hover over the icon and click View available rubrics and rubric options to view additional options for the rubric.
    rubric options
  15. After you have finished creating your rubric, click the Save button.
  16. Click the X icon at the top of the pop-up window to close the rubric window.
  17. On the Turnitin settings, under Attach a rubric to this assignment, click the drop-down box to select the rubric.
    adding rubric
  18. Click the Submit button to save changes.