Combined Course FAQ

You can view which sections are in a combined course by going to the Settings tab in your course. Click on the Sections tab to view all of the sections within the combined course.

To tell your courses apart, on the Dashboard you can assign a nickname to your course. (This is a display setting only for your view.)

When students are trying to find a combined course in their Courses menu or Dashboard, they will see the parent combined section as the title (i.e. DEP2004C_CMB-17Fall). Students also have the option to nickname their courses.

Yes. The parent section is determined by the course you select to start the combination process in the Faculty Webcourse Manager.

Here is an example of how combined courses appear in the Faculty Webcourse Manager:

The grayed-out box next to TSL4080 0M06 and the ^— beside the name indicate that that course will be a child section of TSL4080 0M01 in the combination process. Therefore, this particular combined course would have the content from TSL4080 0M01 in both sections in the live course.

Yes, you can separate or add combined sections before the release date of the course through the Faculty Webcourse Manager. Once students have access to your course, you cannot combine or separate combined sections because the course content and student work will be hidden in the combined course.

Yes; however, all student work in each section will be inaccessible after the process. If you still wish to separate or combine sections after the release date of the courses, please contact Webcourses@UCF support at or (407) 823-0407.

No. The course’s content will appear the same to any student in any section of the combined course. Changes in content reflect across all sections.

Yes. In the assignment’s settings, scroll to the bottom of the page. Above the due dates there is an Assign to section.


In the Assign to area, you can remove the Everyone tag and select a section from the combined course. (The drop-down only auto-selects the first three sections in a combined course, so if you have multiple sections you will have to type in the section number for the course to appear in order to select it.) You can add multiple sections to the same area if you would like them to have the same due dates. If you would like the sections to have different due dates, click the Add button in order to add assign a new section individual due dates.

Yes. You can select a section to view by clicking on the Section filter in the View dropdown menu in the Gradebook.

Section Filter in the Gradebook

Once you select a section, the Gradebook will adjust to reflect only the students within that particular section. You can go through each section this way or view all students together at one time.

Yes. You will first need to select the section in the Gradebook to view. Then, go to SpeedGrader for the assignment. Selecting a particular section will refresh the SpeedGrader’s list of students to reflect only that particular section. To view a different section, you will need to go back to the Gradebook. When you are finished, please remember to change the Gradebook back to show All Sections.