Attendance/Roll Call Tool

The Attendance/Roll Call Tool is ideal for smaller, face-to-face classes where you already take attendance.

Attendance and Financial Aid

At a minimum, take attendance every class meeting until every student has been accounted for in at least one class session. Once you have recorded that all students have attended at least one class session, you no longer need to record attendance for the purpose of the financial aid requirement.

Note: Students do not see a list of dates and whether they were present or not – just the final score.

Access the Attendance Tool

    1. In the course navigation, click the Attendance link.

Click Attendance Link

    1. The first time you access the tool, it will ask you to share information with the application. You must accept to use the tool. No private data is shared.
    2. The List view appears when you open Roll Call. You can take attendance by toggling the correct mark for each student [1]:
      • The green check mark icon indicates the student is present and on time.
      • The red X icon indicates the student is not present.
      • The yellow clock icon indicates the student is late.

      You can also take attendance by clicking the Mark All Present button [2].

Take Attendance

Changing the Point Value of the Roll Call Attendance Assignment

If you would like to change the point value of the Roll Call Attendance, you will have to manually changes the grades in the gradebook as well.

  1. Set the Attendance point value:
    1. Click on Assignments.
    2. Click on Roll Call Attendance.
    3. Click the Edit Assignment Settings button at the top right.
    4. In the Display Grade as drop-down, select Points.
    5. In the Points field, enter preferred point value.
    6. At the bottom of the page, click Save.
    7. Click on Gradebook.
    8. Hover over the assignment name and click the triple dots to open the options.
    9. Click Set Default Grade.
    10. Enter the new grade and check Overwrite already-entered grades.
    11. Click Set Default Grade.

Attendance and Final Grades

This score does not need to be factored in to the final grade for the course. When in the Edit area, you can check the box for Do not count this assignment towards the final grade.

Switch to a Different Date

You can edit attendance records for a different date by using the arrow icons next to the date or by clicking on the Calendar icon.
Switch to a Different Date

Use Class View to Take Attendance

Switch to Class view by clicking the Class tab.
Use Class View to Take Attendance

You can toggle the correct mark for each student (present, absent, or late) [1] or click the Mark All Present button [2] to take attendance in Class View.

Take Attendance

Additional Options

In the upper right-hand corner, there is a gear icon with two additional settings: Roll Call Settings and Attendance Report.

The Roll Call Settings allows you to adjust a lateness policy. If a student is marked late, they will receive a grade based on the percentage that is set.

The Attendance Report will allow you to run a report for a specific time frame or the entire semester, as well as by individual student or the entire course. Once the report is run, it will download a CSV file to your device.