Student Groups

Students Groups in Webcourses@UCF

Groups are used as a collaborative tool for students who are working on projects or group assignments. A group workspace is created where students can create wiki pages, announcements, and discussions, calendar events, and chat in real-time.

Students can be organized into groups at the course level. Each Group has its own Discussions, Pages, Files and Calendar, as well as Chat for real-time collaboration. Instructors can create groups at the course level and use the groups for grading. Student-organized groups are created and managed by the students themselves. Students can create study groups, project groups, etc. and either invite other course members to the group or leave the group open for anyone to join.

When might Instructors use Groups?

  • To set up student group configurations for assignments and in-class work.
  • To facilitate semester-long projects so that students can communicate and iterate on documents together.
  • To facilitate faculty professional development and institutional committees or activities.
  • To facilitate student-run study groups within courses or at the account level.

Videos on working with groups

For Instructors

For Students