Mute an Assignment

What does it mean to Mute an Assignment?

By default, Webcourses@UCF allows students to see assignment grades as soon as you grade the assignment. However, in some cases you may wish to hold student grades until all assignments have been graded and then release grades to all students at the same time. To hide student grades temporarily, you can choose to mark an assignment as “muted”.

A muted assignment displays a “mute” icon on the student grades page so students know the assignment is muted.

A muted assignment will not send out grade change notifications or any of your comments until the assignment is unmuted.

Muting should only be used to temporarily block grading work in progress from student view. It should not be used to conceal grades for longer than reasonably necessary.

Note: Students can still submit muted assignments.

Will a muted column be factored in to the student’s total grade?

This depends on your role:

  • In the teacher’s Gradebook all muted columns will be factored in to the total grade.
  • In the student’s Grades, muted columns will not be factored in to the total grade.