The Calendar tab allows users to view upcoming assignments and events for all of their courses. The tool can also be used for personal reminders, scheduling appointments, and filtering courses. When accessing the Calendar tab from the left-hand side of the Navigation menu, the Calendar defaults on the Month tab.

main calendar


Using the arrows in the upper left-hand corner allows users to navigate to different months. The smaller calendar window in the upper right-hand corner also allows users to navigate to different months or a specific day. In the small calendar window, it will show the current day in black. Any days that have an event or an assignment will have a box around that day.

small calendar

The Course Cards on the Dashboard allow users to select a color for each course to designate assignments in that color on the Calendar. This color can also be changed in the Calendar. On the right hand side, click the dotted lines to the right of the course name to change the color for that course.

course list dots


The guides below provide more information on how to access iCal through the Calendar Feed link.

In the upper right-hand corner, there are four tabs and a + button that allow users to utilize the Calendar tool.


Week Tab and Events

Clicking the Week tab allows students to focus on events for that specific week. The arrows in the upper left-hand corner allow users to navigate to a different week.


Users are able to create events in the Calendar. Both students and instructors can create personal reminders for themselves and instructors can also create upcoming events for their courses. Users can click directly on a day in the Calendar in order to create a new event or can click on the + button in the upper right-hand corner.

new event

Instructors also have the option to create repeating events instead of creating them individually. Please note that in order to do this, a NEW event must be created. Editing an event that has already been created will NOT show the Repeat option. When creating a repeating event, click the More Options button.

edit event

This will pull up the Calendar Events in the course and will provide additional options. The Repeat button is listed at the bottom of the page.

more event options

When checking the Repeat check box, it will display further options to set the event to repeat for an additional number of weeks.

repeat options

It will also let you decide if you would like the event name to follow a sequential order.


The repeated events will then be saved to the Calendar.

repeat example


The Agenda tab is similar to the To-Do list. This tab displays upcoming events and assignments that are due. Assignments/events will appear in the designated course color. In the upper left-hand corner, it will show a date range. The date on the left will show the current date. (Or users can click on a specific date in the Calendar and when navigating to the Agenda tab, it will change this date to the day that was selected. Users can then click the Today button to return this date to the current day.) The date on the left will be the due date of the last assignment listed in the list. Any assignment that has been completed or has passed will have a line drawn through the title. Once the due date for that assignment has passed, the assignment will no longer appear in the Agenda list.



Under the Scheduler tab, if no appointment groups have been created the following default page will appear:


Instructors can set up appointment groups for all of their courses and determine how many students can sign up during the assigned time frame. Please see this guide for reference on how to use the appoint group tool:

scheduler options

Once an appointment group(s) has been created, users will be able to view and access those groups under the Scheduler tab.

appointment groups