Financial Aid Activity FAQ for Students

UCF must comply with the Federal Student Financial Aid regulation that states that in order to receive federal aid, students must be actively academically engaged (according to a federal definition) in each course in which they are enrolled. At UCF, we facilitate this process through Webcourses@UCF.

Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about this process below.

Is there a place where I can see when my course activity has been verified by Financial Aid?
Yes, you can check the status by taking the following steps:

      1. Go to and log in with your NID and NID password.
      2. Click Student Self Service.
      3. Click View My Financial Aid Eligible Courses.

How often is the verification process run?
Once a week. The process normally occurs every weekend.

I see that my course is verified but I have not received my disbursement. Who do I need to contact?
The Office of Student Financial Assistance handles all disbursements. You may contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance at (407) 823-2827 or

There is no Academic Engagement Activity in my course. Who do I need to contact?
Please contact Webcourses Support at (407) 823-0407 or Submit a Support Ticket.

Your questions may also be answered on the Office of Student Financial Assistance website.