Maximizing Your Personalized Learning Experience

I didn’t do well on a topic module. Can I go back and try again?

Yes, you can go back and revise any node/content module to improve your score, as long as you redo it prior to any due date your instructor may have set. If your instructor has not set a due date for the assignment, you can go back and revise your answers in order to improve your score whenever you would like to do so.

6-15-2015 3-02-33 PM-008-content-revise1

To help you understand the options better, here is the definition of each:

  • Revise – This feature allows you to re-do a lesson (in its entirety) providing you an option to improve your knowledge for the content area.
  • Quick Practice –The system will select a number of questions from the store, not the entire question block.
  • Practice – This provides all of the questions that are contained in the Question section.

What other features will help me get the most out of my experience?

The Actions Toolbar

This toolbar will appear above each page of content so that the tools are readily available as you progress through the module.

8-27-2015 12-30-04 AM-toolbar

The Actions Menu (located in the upper right portion of the dashboard)

Bookmarks – allows you to view the bookmarked pages of content to review at a later date.

Content highlights – view your list of highlighted items

Annotations – allows you to see the notes you have taken throughout the module.

Practice – takes you to the content where you can practice without receiving a grade.

6-15-2015 3-00-59 PM-action menu

Are there other Tips for maximizing my experience?

Personalized Learning is a very different way of learning. Your interaction with the content is what helps the system develop your own learning path.

It is important to read your textbook, if required, this content will be included in the assessment of your knowledge in Realizeit.

Plan your time accordingly – don’t wait until the last minute to complete modules. The earlier you begin, the more time you will have to revise later on.

How do I review content without it affecting my grade?

Review the recommended way to review only the content after you have completed the lesson, is to select the Stop button, then check Discard progress… This will enable you to skip the Questions area completely without it affecting your grade.

Is there a tutorial available for me to watch?

Personalized Learning Student Tour