Grading in Webcourses@UCF Personalized Learning

How is my grade determined in Personalized Learning?

Personalized learning requires you to take a different look at how you learn. One of the biggest changes will be seen in the grading process. Grades are not just scores from answering questions. Grades come from continual gathering of evidence from knowledge accumulation. They may include knowledge covered, the knowledge state, time and ability. This is dependent on settings made by the instructor.

What does Knowledge State mean?

Your Knowledge State is an average score across all nodes/content modules for the current assignment, including how you performed answering questions. The Knowledge State alone does not take into account time, effort, or number of revisions.

Where can I find my grade?

The Realizeit program keeps track of your complete progress (composite score) and upon the due date, transfers the grade to Webcourses@UCF. In most cases, the grade can be changed by going back to revise.

My grade is different in Realizeit than it is in Webcourses@UCF!

Realizeit determines your grade from a number of factors including Knowledge State, time spent, and effort. This calculated grade is called your Composite Score, which is transferred to Webcourses@UCF. This Composite Score may be either higher or lower than your Knowledge State score.

  • Realizeit also keeps track of how much time you spent on the assignment, as well as how many revisions were made. You are not penalized for going back and revising. Instead, your grade may improve if you revise since you are essentially rewarded for practicing or reviewing the material again.
  • Select composite score, located at the top of your Personalized Learning page, to view your score.

6-15-2015 2-58-54 PM-007-composite score2

Is my grade transferred automatically?

Grades will automatically be synced to Webcourses. You do not have to submit anything manually.

Why is my grade in Webcourses@UCF so low?

Realizeit keeps track of your current progress, so your score in Webcourses@UCF may start low and update and increase as you progress through the assignment. Your score for a Realizeit assignment is essentially a running total of your score and reflects how far along you are in the assignment. The closer you are to completion of an assignment, the higher your score may be.