Using Materia in Webcourses@UCF for Faculty

Add a Materia Widget as an Assignment

The steps below will walk you through the processes of adding Materia widgets to your Webcourses@UCF course as gradable assignments. These widgets will be viewable directly in the course for students and scores will automatically be synced with your grade book.

Create the Assignment

  1. Click Assignments within the course navigation.
  2. Locate the the appropriate assignment group and click the Add assignment button icon to add an assignment.
  3. To the right of Type, select External Tool from the drop down menu.
  4. Complete the rest of the settings such as the Due Date and Assignment name.
  5. Enter the desired number of points.
    • Scores from Materia range from 0%-100%, so a student who scores a perfect 100% will get the number of points you specify here. (For another example: If a student scores a 50% for this widget and you specify 20 points for this assignment then they will receive 10/20 points).
  6. Click More Options when complete.
  7. Under the Submission Type section, select External Tool from the drop down menu.
  8. Click Find under the External Tool Options section which will bring up the Configure External Tool dialog.
  9. Click on Materia Widget to view a list of your widgets.
  10. Once you’ve selected a widget, you will be redirected back to the Configure External Tool window. Click Select to close the window.
  11. Click on Save, or Save & Publish if you are ready for the content to be accessible.


Add a Materia Widget as a Study Tool in a Module

If you wish to add widgets to your course as study tools rather than assignments you can do so via the module tool. Student will be able to access the widgets directly through Webcourses however, scores will not be synced with your grade book.

  1. Click on Modules.
  2. Locate the module to which you wish to add the widget. Click the Add assignment button icon to the far right of the module title.
  3. In the popup, select External Tool from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Materia Widget. This will bring up a list of your widgets.
  5. Select a Materia widget in the selection window and return to the popup.
  6. You can also change the page name from the default “Materia Widget” to something more appropriate.
  7. Click Add Item when complete.



  • You’ll want to select Materia widgets that are score-able for assignments. You should avoid study-only widgets for assignments such as Flash Cards or Timeline since your Webcourses@UCF grade book will never get a score from Materia for these widgets.