Materia Faculty FAQs

Frequently Asked Materia Question for Faculty

It is not necessary to create an account to use Materia. Everyone can use the system by signing in with their NID and NID password.

You can look up your NID by visiting the NID Lookup page and entering your name and UCF e-mail address, and you will receive your NID in your e-mail.

Common Login Issues

Expired Password

UCF NID Passwords expire and are reset regularly for security purposes.

Click here to reset your expired password.

Student missing Knights Email address

Students must have a Knights Email address to log into Materia. If you have not have one, set it up as soon as possible. Within 24 hours you should be able to access Materia. Faculty are not required to have Knights Email, however they are required to have an email address entered in myUCF.

Faculty not currently employed

Faculty must be categorized as currently employed to gain access.

How do I use Materia in my Webcourses@UCF course?

You can do this using the external tool feature in Webcourses@UCF.

When setting up an External tool in Webcourses@UCF, do I need to add the link I get from Materia to the URL field?

No. If you click on the Interactive Materia Widget button when setting up an external tool it will automatically supply the necessary URL in that field. The Share with your Students link that you receive from Materia is only to share Materia outside of Webcourses@UCF.

My Webcourses@UCF course was copied over. Will the Materia widgets still work?

No. If a course is copied you’ll need to re-create any Materia assignments.

When I attempt to preview my Materia widget in Student View I get an error message (Unknown User)

Materia does not work inside Student View. You can login to Materia directly and preview your widget there.

If I use Materia in a module, can I see my students’ scores?

Linking a Materia widget within a module will not sync scores to your gradebook. Scores and analytics will only be visible within Materia should you use this method of linking.

If you’d like scores to sync to your gradebook, simply create a Materia widget within your course assignments.