Personal Pronouns Now Available in Webcourses@UCF

The option to display a personal pronoun after your name in various areas within Webcourses@UCF has been enabled.  Your preferred pronoun will appear in areas like Discussions, the Inbox, the course or group People page, and your User Profile page. 

To select a personal pronoun option: 

  • Log into Webcourses@UCF. 
  • Select “Account” icon from the left frame. 
  • Click on the word “Settings”. 
  • Choose the “Edit Settings” option (normally located on the right). 
  • From the Pronouns drop-down menu select your personal pronoun. 
  • Click on the “Update Settings” button. 

If you do not enable the Pronoun option, no pronouns will appear by your name. 

For assistance with this process or questions about Webcourses@UCF, please open a support ticket with Webcourses@UCF Support.