Immersive Photo and Video Resources

Have you thought about exploring the use of 360-degree images or videos? From Oreo to BMW, operating rooms to construction sites, more and more organizations are creating and using 360-degree materials for promotion, learning, and instruction. With the ability to add not only information but engaging interactions, you are only limited by your imagination!

Panoramic image of the entrance of the FMC

The Faculty Multimedia Center at UCF is proud to offer the tools and software to create immersive virtual experiences easily. As with any endeavor, the more you practice, the better results you’ll achieve, but with the addition of the 3DVista software program it is now very easy to create engaging 360 images, videos, and tours without a steep learning curve. 3DVista is available in-person and remotely.

Even better, we also have 360-degree cameras available for lending! The FMC has you covered with a couple different models for you to use: Ricoh Theta V + Insta360 ONE X

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