*UCF Alert* Hurricane Dorian Monday (9/2) Update

Posted: 9/2/2019

Get updates on Hurricane Dorian and campus closures.

Based on the current path and timeline for Hurricane Dorian, UCF will remain closed on Thursday, Sept. 5.

In making decisions about a reopening date, the university will continue to consider regional weather conditions as well as other factors such as power loss, damage and students’ travel back to campus. 

Central Florida is expected to experience severe weather from Hurricane Dorian by Tuesday evening. UCF urges all faculty, staff and students to move forward with any final preparations to ensure they and their loved ones are ready.

All academic assignments, including those in classes with online components, remain suspended until classes resume. In addition, UCF has encouraged faculty to be flexible with students who heeded early warnings and chose to evacuate. Students should not be impacted academically for putting their personal safety first.  

Students living at all UCF residence halls will be allowed to remain in their rooms through Monday.

Students in the following housing communities are required to move to the ride-out location at the Education Building between 8 and 10 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 3, and shuttles will be available to transport them. 
•       On-campus Greek Housing
•       Libra, Apollo and Lake Claire
•       Nike, Hercules and Neptune

Students living in the Towers and at NorthView and UnionWest (Downtown) will be able to remain in their residence halls during the ride-out period. Students staying at the Rosen College will ride out the storm at the Rosen campus’ education building.

Students living in UCF’s affiliated housing communities – Knights Circle and the Pointe at Central – as well as NorthView are not required to leave their buildings, but the Education Building will be available to students in those communities who prefer to be in an on-campus ride-out location. Arrival is also between 8 and 10 a.m. Tuesday. Parking for these students is available in Garage A.

No families, friends or non-service or emotional support animals will be allowed to ride out the storm in UCF residence halls or ride-out locations. Because of possible impacts from Hurricane Dorian, UCF cannot guarantee comforts such as power, water, food and medical assistance on campus.

Students will be permitted to leave their ride-out location or residence hall once the campus is deemed safe. Those who evacuated campus also will be allowed to return to their residence hall once the campus all-clear has been given.

Knightro’s will be open until 7 p.m. today. 

Some regional campuses may remain closed until their partner institutions resume operations. More information is available in the hurricane coverage at www.ucf.edu.

Additional updates will be shared via UCF Alert, UCF’s website, and the UCF and UCF Police social media —Facebook and Twitter (@UCF and @UCFPolice).