FMC New Technology and Updates

The Faculty Multimedia Center has been going through some changes over the past few months. We added new technology and capabilities in our recording spaces. We also moved to the Center for Distributed Learning! We’ve included some of the changes to our technology below. We hope you find some new ways to create engaging and creative media! Safely, of course! All of our COVID-19 precautions are still in place. In addition to some small changes now, we do anticipate and are preparing for some big changes this year with the completion of our FMC Redesign Tech Fee project. We plan to keep you updated the best we can for the timeline and any closures that occur.

Access Camtasia at Home

Faculty can now access Camtasia in the FMC remotely. Camtasia is an excellent and intuitive video editing program that also makes it easy to create engaging screen captures. Now, it can all be done from the comfort of home.

Lightboard + Graphics 

We are now able to add graphic overlays for your lightboard videos. Whether you want to show PowerPoint slides, maps, images, etc, we can now incorporate these into your recordings to create a high-quality look to your videos. 

360-Degree Cameras

We currently have two 360-degree cameras available for faculty to use for their courses or research. Both cameras can take high-quality 360-degree images and video. The cameras can be lent to faculty for use outside of the FMC after a short orientation.

Ring Lights

We now have a small and large ring lights that you can use for your recordings in the FMC. The small ring light is perfect for use at a desk or table in the FMC like the one that holds our Wacom monitor! This works great if you are using a webcam and a computer to share your material. It has adjustable lighting modes, so you can find the perfect lighting for you. The large ring light is perfect for recording yourself speaking in front of a background like our black background in the Lightboard station or our photo area. The adjustable brightness level allows you to create the most flattering look for your video. There is even a place to hold your phone if you would like to use it as a teleprompter. These ring lights are fairly inexpensive so if you try them out at the FMC, you can decide if it is something that you might want to buy to use at home for recordings. 

Wacom Cintiq Pro 24″

The Wacom is a large monitor with a pen that you can draw on. We have had one in the FMC before, but we now have a brand-new tablet. Wacom monitors are great for any kind of drawing or graphic work that you need to accomplish. In the past, instructors have recorded lectures and used the Wacom to write notes or use it for illustrations. There are many possibilities. 

Shure MV5 Desktop Microphones 

We have 2 new microphones that can be used for video and audio recordings at different computers around the FMC or with your laptop. These are also fairly inexpensive like the ring lights. If you try it out at the FMC and like it enough, it might be worth purchasing for your own personal use.

FMC Redesign Tech Fee Project

In addition to this, we are on the path to FMC Redesign Tech Fee project! This redesign would include construction of the space to create more private recording and consultation spaces, an AR/VR space, 3D printers, and an active learning workshop space! We don’t have any set dates right now but we will be keeping faculty updated the best we can as we move throughout the project as it will require downtime of the FMC. Our hope is that will begin Summer 2021!  

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