Faculty – Important Things to Help with Summer Classes

Dear Faculty, 

UCF and the Center for Distributed Learning are here to help you. Please see the following list of resources we’ve curated to help you Keep Teaching your courses remotely.  

General Expectations 


  • Visit the Keep Teaching webpage to stay informed about the latest resources and information related to learning at UCF during COVID-19.  
  • Reminder: combine courses using the Faculty Webcourse Manager before students have access, otherwise course materials and student submissions will be lost. If you need to combine courses after the first day of the semester, please contact Webcourses@UCF Support.
  • Find quick how-tos on using Zoom effectively in the UCF Zoom Guides.  Zoom caps at 300 students, so if your course is larger then please plan accordingly. 
  • Check your Profile in Webcourses@UCF, if you see your Knightsmail email address then please wait until the first day of the semester to schedule Zoom meetings to ensure they are created under the correct account.
  • How to Access Zoom 
  • If your department is offering online exam proctoring, please review Proctored Exams.
  • Please contact Webcourses@UCF Support if you have questions or need assistance. 

Webcourses@UCF Updates May 15

  • Assignments – Student Annotation Submissions
    • In the assignment creation page, instructors can select the option to create a Student Annotation assignment type. The file that should be annotated is uploaded for the assignment, and students can use the annotation tools with DocViewer to complete the assignment. This assignment type is included under the online assignment types so that instructors can select additional submission options for students unable to annotate onscreen.
    • Peer reviews are supported for student annotation submissions. However, Anonymous Peer Reviews are not supported for student annotation assignments, as the names of students are not displayed anonymously in annotations.
    • Completed submissions are viewed in SpeedGrader with the student’s annotations shown for grading.
  • User Settings – Auto-Show Closed Captioning – This change allows users to view captions added to videos by default without having to manually enable captions for each individual video.

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