CDL Administration Team

Anita Gabbard, M.A.

AnitaManager of Division Operations
(407) 823-4914

Anita Gabbard is the Manager of Division Operations in the Division of Digital Learning at the University of Central Florida (UCF). Her current responsibilities include effective and efficient oversite of operations for both the Center for Distributed Learning and the Office of Instructional Resources. She oversees the Administrative team. She earned her bachelors of science from Indiana State University in Human Resources Development and her MA from St-Mary-of-the-Wood College in Leadership Development. Prior to the University of Central Florida, Anita worked in Student Affairs at Indiana State University.

Aida Santana

AidaProgram Assistant
(407) 823-4307
Starting her career straight out of business school, Aida Santana joined a very small printing company located just doors away from the Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field ball park, where she worked for over 5 years, and learned to love stadium hot dogs and office management. Aida then moved out to a larger company where she worked her way up from receptionist to Office Manager. She remained with Gallagher Bassett Insurance for over 25 years and enjoyed each moment.

Aida desired to be in a warmer climate and to be closer to family, so she moved to Orlando. After working from home doing customer service, she decided she needed a little more liveliness than the lake view of her window and fellow peers besides her dogs, and came to work here at CDL as the Instructional Designer Administrative Assistant. The UCF environment was the perfect spot for lively Aida, where she enjoys interacting with students, staff and faculty, learning from all of them each day, and spoiling them with a dish of candy to thank them for their help.

With her professionalism and enthusiastic personality, Aida is now the welcoming face of the Center for Distributed Learning. She is the front desk admin, as well as taking on administrative assistant tasks with IDL6543 and ADL5000, and can’t wait to meet a new guest or staff as she says, “I learn from everyone I meet. I didn’t have the pleasure of going to college, but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn!”

On her off hours, she loves to dance, explore the Disney theme parks, spend time with her family, and take long walks with her little Chihuahua, Pixiedust.