CDL Administration Team

Anita Gabbard, M.A.

AnitaCoordinator Administrative Services
(407) 823-4914

Anita Gabbard is the Coordinator of Administrative Services at the Center for Distributed Learning (CDL) at the University of Central Florida (UCF). Her current responsibilities include fiscal management, human resources, and facilities operation of CDL. She oversees the Administrative team of an Office Manager, Room Scheduler, and Administrative Assistant. She earned her bachelors of science from Indiana State University in Human Resources Development and her MA from St-Mary-of-the-Wood College in Leadership Development. Prior to the University of Central Florida, Anita worked in Student Affairs at Indiana State University as the Assistant Director of the Student Union.

Betty Laster

BettySenior Secretary
(407) 882-0309

Betty Laster is the Senior Secretary, Center for Distributed Learning (CDL) at the University of Central Florida. Her current responsibilities include managing seven conference rooms, backup payroll processor for our department, and hospitality for departmental events in PII. She supports all branches of the Armed Forces with their conference needs. She has over forty years’ experience working in Corporate America with various administrative and supervisory jobs.

Aida Santana

AidaInstructional Design Administrative Assistant
(407) 823-4307